See first-hand the results of an effective Google Ad campaign

With Google Ads for Agencies


*based on SERP of Google Starter Bundle >> see profit expectations

Google Ads for Agencies

Built Specifically for Resellers & Agencies

Run an effective ad campaign for your business, built to help you attract new customers looking for the services you provide.

Once you’ve seen first-hand how easy it is to run an effective Google Ad campaign using our automated platform, you can start offering Google Ads to your small business clients with confidence.

Available in the Vendasta Marketplace for any Reseller or Agency

Not for Resale
INCLUDES: $79 in direct advertising spend in Google Ads

Immediate Results

Accelerate your upgrade funnel using proven results to drive more sales. Comprehensive reporting is automatically generated in the Executive Summary, proving to your customers the value of your services, and opening the door for an upgrade path.

Low Churn

With a combination of a very affordable price point, and quantifiable results with no time investment required – churn is not a factor as commonly seen with other product types. We ensure you and your customers are taken care of.

Fast & Easy

Our products are fast and easy to setup, require no management on your part, and no involvement from your customer – we do all the work. You simply activate products for your customers, and we do the rest.

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CASE STUDY: Automated Google Ads for Agencies

Automated Google Ads for Agencies by Shoptoit delivers 92% improved results over industry average. We do all the work to ensure better results for your business from Google Ads.

See our full case study to see how we deliver improved results for small businesses with limited budgets.

See Answers to Common Questions from Resellers

How does our platform work? What can you expect as a reseller? See answers to common questions about our platform and process.

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads offer great returns for small businesses – when done right. This video explains Google Ads in terms any small business owner can understand.


How to Position and Sell Automated Google Ads from Shoptoit


Automated Google Ads Sales Presentation – Powerpoint

Email Templates for Customer Marketing

Why Google Ads Smart Campaigns May Not be Smart for Your Clients

Google Ads Smart Campaigns are positioned as an easy-to-use, hands-off approach to running ads in Google. This hands-off approach can be appealing to small businesses, who have limited time and budget. However, the ‘benefits’ of Smart Ads can actually be a drawback to small businesses trying to get found for what they sell, in their local market.

Build a Recurring Profit Annuity with the Google Starter Bundle

Watch: Benefits and Returns Resellers Can Expect


With a net profit of $100/month, per client, you can build a recurring profit stream while delivering tangible results to your clients.

*based on SERP of Google Starter Bundle

# of Accounts

Annual Profit

25 $30,000
50 $60,000
100 $120,000
150 $180,000
200 $240,000
300 $360,000


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Our goal is to make it EASY for every small business to be found by new customers in search, regardless of technical skill, industry or budget. You simply tell us a bit about your business and we do the rest. If you have questions along the way we offer free full-service support and have useful tools such as:

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