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If you have small business customers and want to help them grow while creating a recurring profit center and reducing churn, the Shoptoit partner Program is right for you. Explore our partner programs, find the one that fits, and let’s get started together.

AI-based Chatbots are the Future!

AI-based chatbots are expected to grow by 42% annually for the next decade, becoming a staple on almost every website. Shoptoit is here to help you capitalize on this trend with our user-friendly ChatBot Builder Platform. Designed specifically for value-added service providers, it allows you to help small businesses of all kinds in just minutes.

Discover how this platform can create a lucrative, recurring profit stream for your business.

Partner Program

Specifically designed to help Digital Marketing Agencies build a profitable recurring profit center by helping smaller budget businesses at scale.

Partner Program

For companies that have a base of small business customers they want to help, while reducing churn and creating a recurring profit center.


“ShopToIt’s Automated Ad platform takes a load off our team from doing Google Ads the conventional way”

“ShopToIt team is highly responsive, and helped figure out the best way to maximize return for my clients.”

About Shoptoit

There are millions of small businesses out there that need help with reaching new customers. The consumer has gone digital, leaving many smaller businesses stuck; they don’t know where or how to start with digital marketing and are missing out.

Shoptoit is an automated, cloud-based, SaaS platform that makes it Fast, Easy, and Affordable for any small business to create a perpetual stream of new customers from digital marketing.

We work with Partners to reach and help smaller businesses at scale. Come and join us.

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