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If you need a scalable solution that drives traffic to smaller budget businesses, the Shoptoit Direct Program for Agencies is an excellent fit. Partnering with Shoptoit means you never have to turn away a small business again. Let’s get started.


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“ShopToIt’s Automated Ad platform takes a load off our team from doing Google Ads the conventional way”

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Guarantee traffic with our automated Google Ads solutions

Google Ads for Small Business

Guaranteed Google Traffic for All Size Budgets

Designed specifically to help businesses with smaller budgets, our automated platform is built to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any small business to create a perpetual stream of new customers from Google Search and Google Local Search Ads.

Our ad platform automatically generates keyword ads tailored to what the business does. We focus on long-tail keywords, resulting in ads that affordably reach motivated, engaged consumers at the point of purchase. And it takes minimal time on your part – our solution does the hard work for you.

Product Based Google Ads

Built for Ecommerce Websites

Whether a business sells online and ships nationally, or they want to be found locally for the products they sell – our platform can tailor an ad campaign to suit their needs, and ensure customers can find them when searching for the products they sell.

We take the products a business sells, and generate product-specific Google Ads. We generate extensive keyword lists for each product the business sells, handling all categorization, ad creation, and keyword generation.

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Book a call to learn more about the many options we have to work together.

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